"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination." - Albert Einstein
MJ Bonanno
Computer Programmer - Tech Guru - Tattoo Artist

The Beta Theory

The Beta Theory is a cooperative business between a group of developers. Each developer has their own strengths and niche languages they excel in. By working as a co-op we are able to tackle much larger projects that may otherwise be outside the scope of any individual developer. For more information visit www.TheBetaTheory.com

Hydravolve Studios

Hydravolve Studios is a tattoo and body piercing establishment that a friend and I created back in June of 2011. Combined we invested approximately $30,000 to create a space for ourselves and eventually other industry leaders. As reported by Google and Yelp, Hydravolve is now one of the highest ranking tattoo and body piercing studios in South Jersey. For more information visit www.Hydravolve.com.